Company’s have been using résumé screening software for years. The pandemic only accelerated this practice. If you’re not savvy about the mistakes to avoid, your application may never even make it to a human to be reviewed. Stephanie Vozza writes in Fast Company about 4 résumé blunders that will ruin your chances. Vozza notes that simple technical choices can have dire consequences. Attaching your résumé as a PDF precludes the software from scanning it for keywords. One other tip Vozza relates is to apply directly through the employers platform. She interviews Eric Holwell, senior vice president of strategy at the recruiting ad agency Bayard, who notes the importance of this practice. Vozza writes:

“Holwell says candidates should be careful when applying on a job board versus the employer’s career site. ‘Some sites, like Indeed, offer a native application, which means you can apply through their site without leaving,’ he says. ‘This can make applying quick and easy; however, there is a good chance that the application does not go into the employer’s official application system.’

 Instead, he recommends taking the time to also apply through the employer’s career site to ensure your application is official.”

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