We have long been told that effective leaders are the strong, silent types. Not only is this patently false, but following this mindset also cheats leaders out of effective engagement with their team. Dr. Rob Sheehan recently unfolded this topic in his blog, Insights with Impact. Sheehan is the Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Sheehan writes, 

“Happily, these old ideas about the effective ‘tough guy’ (and they meant a male ‘guy’) are evaporating.  Recent research reported in Harvard Business Review suggests that employees with leaders who demonstrate wisdom and compassion are more productive and engaged.  Their job satisfaction is 86% higher than employees whose leaders do not demonstrate these qualities.”

Sheehan advocates for considering others’ perspectives and how you can benefit them, not just use them. Read his entire article here