In the midst of the obstacles COVID has brought to higher education, it’s vital that we not lose sight of our guiding principles. Hyatt-Fennell’s own Jack Calareso has recently penned a piece reminding us that we must not just meet the challenge of today, but step into the opportunity of tomorrow—and ensure that it is accessible to all. Calareso writes:

“As we move through the ups and downs of the pandemic, most colleges continue to focus on enrollment, budgets and revenue in the hope that they will survive and have a successful academic year. But maintaining fiscal stability, addressing physical and mental health, and supporting online learning is not leadership but rather crisis management. We need to act with the kind of leadership that is proactive and more concerned with issues related to the common good.

I implore higher education leaders to reflect on the following questions: Are your students maturing and developing their values? Will they be ready to confront societal challenges, whether they want to or not? Have their colleges and universities served them well?”

Read the rest of Calareso’s thought-provoking piece in Higher Ed Dive.