In honor of Earth Day, we want to celebrate the colleges that are innovating for our environment.

Amudalat Ajasa recently listed some of the colleges that are leading the charge to be ethical and sustainable in higher ed. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ohio University composts all the food waste from its dining halls in a dedicated plant. This not only reduces the footprint of landfills, it decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

 The University of Minnesota at Morris has diversified its energy sources, using solar, wind, and biofuel. The result is that the school creates more energy than it uses.

The University of Iowa joined forces with a nearby Quaker Oats factory to turn biowaste into energy. If a healthy breakfast of oatmeal can sustain you along all your morning tasks, why not try it for your entire campus?

Read the entire list in Ajasa’s Wall Street Journal article here.