When competitive positions garner applicants from around the country, some employers request a pre-recorded video introduction. These recordings give a much more vivid sample of a candidate than a static résumé can and pave the way for an in-person interview. Here are our tips to make sure your video introduction leaves a positive impression:

1. Hit your technical marks. You could have the best content in the world, but if the hiring manager can’t hear you due to poor sound quality or is constantly distracted by the cat walking in and out of the video, it won’t matter. Set up a professional space free from distraction. Test your mic and camera before beginning.

2. Remember that non-verbals matter. Interviewers are seeking to get a sense of your professionalism and personality. The basics matter: sit with good posture and look directly into the camera. Smile, be warm, relaxed and energetic. Picture yourself talking to a trusted colleague and strike a tone of respect and confidence.

3. Don’t be afraid to re-record. Some candidates are so glad to be done with the recording process, they send off their first attempt. While you should not do endless retakes (we guarantee by the 17th try, it will be tortured), you must watch your video, note areas for improvement, and do an additional recording to compare.