We are proud to partner with a diverse variety of institutions, specializing in independently-owned private colleges. Get to know our clients and see what they say about our services.

“Elmhurst University has benefitted from the personalized and professional services provided by Hyatt-Fennell. In recent years, they have listened to our needs and led successful searches. Those hires have proven to be great assets to our leadership team and to our campus.”

– Dr. Troy VanAken, President, Elmhurst University

“As a new president, I have worked with Hyatt-Fennell as both a ‘searchee’ and as a ‘searcher,’ and both have been very successful experiences. I’ve nothing but the highest praise for their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile… The Hyatt-Fennell team have been consummate professionals throughout our processes and can be trusted to both listen, and when called upon, give great advice. I recommend them enthusiastically.”

– Dr. Matthew Whelan, President, Caldwell University

“We have worked with Hyatt-Fennell on our four most recent VP searches. They understand our mission and know what campuses of our size need, in terms of both applicants and budgets. They give us personalized service, becoming real partners in the process of recruiting and identifying the most solid candidates.”

– Sister Christine De Vinne, OSU, PhD, President, Ursuline College

“The University’s work with Hyatt-Fennell during the past several years has brought excellent professionals to our campus. In addition to the collaboration I have experienced working with them, I believe they have the best interests of our university community at the heart of everything they do. In all, they assist in the task of making hard decisions in an easy, congenial, and responsible way. Working with them is always a mutually enjoyable experience.”

– Dr. Mary Persico, IHM, President, Marywood University

“When you are elected to the position you’ve sought, it is an exciting — and terrifying — moment. Hyatt-Fennell was helpful throughout the process of seeking and securing a presidency. The advice of Hyatt-Fennell was in line with other sage advice, but at least one thing seemed different: they seemed to have worked very hard (although it appeared seamless) to intimately understand the needs for leadership at Defiance College and then to actively seek those skills in potential candidates based on the credentials submitted for review. While there are always surprises in a new leadership role, I was not surprised by the features and challenges of my new position because of Hyatt-Fennell’s appropriately candid communication, which prepared me — and our Board of Trustees — for anything we would face, together.”

– Dr. Richanne C. Mankey, President, Defiance College

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