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The best leaders never stop growing. The Hyatt-Fennell team has seen institutions through perilous moments and promising ventures, yielding success. Our experience can help you unleash new professional growth. Whether you’re a new leader or an accomplished professional, we will work with you to assess your goals and pair you with a coach who will provide one-on-one development that will empower you to reach your fullest potential, manage complex situations, aid in times of crisis, or bring problem-solving perspective to issues unique to your campus.


Why a Leadership Coach is the Secret Ingredient Your Career Is Missing

Becoming a leader of an institution is the culmination of years of training, experience, and focused work. Upon moving into a C-suite, it becomes immediately clear that the work is just beginning. Installing a leader is one small moment in a greater drama. One fundamental error leaders often make is trying to go solo. You are not performing alone. You may play a leading role, but you are part of a cast that must work together, each person playing their part and supporting the greater storyline. Healthy organizations do not host one-man—or woman—shows.

So, how can you make sure your career isn’t a flop? The difference between a successful production and a woeful failure is a good producer. One of the most under-utilized resources for C-suite leaders in all industries is leadership coaches.

  • Outside Perspective. The nature of blind-spots is that we don’t realize what we don’t know. A leadership coach is able to be impartial about situations, while having a vested interest in your success. The external vantage point of a leadership coach also provides you with a safe, neutral party with whom you can decompress and process.
  • The Voice of Experience. The perspective that leadership coaches bring is broad. A leadership coach is not only looking at the big picture of your institution, they are looking at the bigger picture of your industry as a whole. They have hard-won insights that they’ve garnered over decades of experience across multiple organizations. If you wait 40 years to gain this wisdom for yourself, it will come just in time for your retirement party.

Don’t shortchange yourself on the insights you could be putting into practice in your career now.

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