Dr. Jann Weitzel is passionate about empowering students to create bright futures. She recently retired as President of Cottey College, which saw increases in student enrollment, endowment funding, student resources, and athletics under her leadership. She holds a B.A. in English; a M.A. in Gifted Education from the University of Northern Iowa; a M.A. in Educational Administration from Lindenwood University; and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Iowa.

Dr. Weitzel began her career as a middle school teacher in Iowa and has taught at every level, from kindergarten to doctoral studies. She has served as a classroom teacher, professor, dean, provost, and president. Her experience gives her a unique insight into the many facets of education and an ability to understand the perspectives of others. Dr. Weitzel shares, “As an administrator, I have seen the value of listening to one another. No one person at a college is any more important than anyone else—we must work as a team. As administrators it is vital that we keep students at the center of everything we do, while drawing wisdom from the many individuals who contribute to the educational experience.”

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