With so many institutions hiring, some individuals mistakenly assume that some traditional aspects of an interview process can be glossed over or dismissed entirely. Let us be clear: thank you notes are still a must. Thank you notes will always matter because gratitude and appreciation are essential aspects of any workplace. When you send a thank you note, you are showing that you can be a positive member of a collaborative team. Here are three guidelines for being thoughtful, relevant, and creative.

• Timely. In order to be a clear reflection of your appreciation, your thank you note should be sent promptly. Email is now an acceptable medium for your thank you message and ensures quick delivery. Because email tends to be more informal, make sure your thank you note still hits the appropriate marks with a proper salutation, body, and closing.

• Personal. In the job search, you know all-too-well the deflated feeling that a form letter leaves you with. If it looks like a note that could be written after any—or every—interview, it’s lacking. Make sure your thank you note is warm and reflects your personality and enthusiasm for the role.

• Specific. Your thank you note should include particulars that you appreciate about your conversation and the position. This not only demonstrates your gratitude, but shows transferable skills. Cultivating morale is a key aspect of a leadership position. When you write an effective thank you note, you show that you can give individual, authentic appreciation.