No job is perfect. On a bad day—or week or month—you may consider quitting. How do you know if this is a passing stress or a strategic opportunity? Here are four questions to ground your  consideration and keep you from making an irreversible mistake:

1. Have I learned all I can here? Even if you have outgrown some aspects of a position, you can still grow in other areas. In fact, if you are proficient in some of your job duties, that frees up your energy and attention to lean into facets that are stressful and challenging. Instead of becoming apathetic, focus your effort in areas that are out of your comfort zone.

2. What will I miss about this position? Sometimes our dissatisfaction is due to one aspect of a role or organization that is dysfunctional. Consider the overall picture and the ways you enjoy and benefit from your position. If a singular part of a job is not working, address that rather than cheating yourself out of a role you are suited for in an organization you care about. 

3. Do I have unmet obligations? Sometimes you are ready to move on, but in order to maintain positive connections and finish well, you need to hit certain milestones or complete projects. Know your timeframe and lay a foundation for your career move while you fulfill your obligations.

4. Do I know where I want to go next? You should not run from one position, but pursue your next career goal. Return to your long-term career goals and consider the next step to achieve your overall aims.

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