The job-search journey can be frustrating and fluid. There are standard practices that ground and guide you throughout the process. You cannot control call-backs or job offers, but you can infuse your communication with personality and character. One of the most essential rules of interviewing is that every interview should be followed up with a note of thanks.

Far too many professionals allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Don’t allow indecision to keep you from this important opportunity. A quality thank you note doesn’t need to be complicated—particularly now that they can be conveniently done through email! Effective thank you notes contain these attributes:

1.  Prompt. Send your email late in the day of your interview or first thing the following morning. You want to capitalize on the momentum of the interview and express your immediate and genuine reaction.

2. Personal
. Address your thank you note to your interviewer by name. Thank them for their time and for sharing their experience with the company. While it may be appropriate to reiterate why you are a good fit for the position, don’t forget that it’s a note of thanks, not a second cover letter. Keep the focus on appreciation.

3.  Proofed. Draft your message in Word or without the email address included so you don’t accidently send it with errors. Read it over for accuracy and to ensure the overall message conveys what you want to say.

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