Collaboration is central to a successful team. Lone Rangers cause disruption, not productivity. When you are filling a job opening, it’s vital that you identify candidates who work well with others. How can you suss out this all-important trait when interviewing is done on an individual basis? We have three things to watch for.

1. Who do they talk to? Lone Rangers look for those who can help them get ahead. Team players value all employees at every level of an organization. Does your candidate treat the support staff with respect or do they save their charm for their interviewers? 

2. Who do they talk about? When describing their accomplishments, does your candidate make it sound like they single-handedly brought about success or do they acknowledge the contributions of colleagues? Team players are quick to celebrate the strengths of those they work with.

3. How well do they listen? Team players take seriously the thoughts and perspectives of others. Does your candidate listen to your questions and engage your ideas? Or are they biding their time, waiting for their turn to talk?