Employees want to do work that matters. Today’s candidates are reporting higher emphasis on fulfilling, purpose-driven roles. One of the first places a job seeker will turn to understand the ethos of your organization is your social media channels. How can you create a great picture of your organization’s culture, mission, and impact to attract like-minded applicants? Here are three aspects of your institutional DNA to feature regularly:

1. Student success stories. Featuring individual portraits of current students and recent alumni makes your mission tangible. It rescues higher education from being abstract and ethereal by showing how you are making a difference in the daily life of one person. Vary the length of posts, including quick, digestible snapshots and quotes as well as interviews that capture compelling testimonials.

2. Employee appreciation. How do you celebrate and empower your employees? Your social channels should highlight community-building events, staff accomplishments, and advancement opportunities. Capture your positive and proactive culture through simple, celebratory posts. 

3. Community connections. Your institution is part of a broader network of organizations in your region. The people and groups you choose to partner with demonstrate your values. When you showcase initiatives and partnerships, applicants can envision how they will be part of a rich network that is making a difference in your community.