Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day we set aside to reflect on all that we’ve been given. While blessings in our personal life spring to mind first, our inventory of gifts can—and should—extend to the workplace. Far too often work becomes a space of grumbling, not gratitude. We have three ways that you can cultivate a culture of thankfulness in the office.

1.  Say thank you. Saying thanks is so basic that you may think that it goes without saying. The trouble is, it often does. How many times have you assumed that someone knew how much you appreciate them? How would it transform your workplace if you thanked one person a day for their contribution to your organization? 

2. Celebrate together. In our productivity-centric culture, we can become so focused on accomplishing the next thing (and the next thing) that we never stop to celebrate. We shouldn’t move onto a new challenge without pausing to honor our accomplishment. Gather as a team to toast the milestone and bask in the moment. Not only will it foster gratitude and strengthen relationships, but it will also energize you for whatever you tackle next. 

3. Build in recognition. Create shared moments to honor the good you see in others. Start meetings with shout outs. Devote an office wall to a brag-board where employees can boast about their peers. Include staff recognition in your newsletters. The more you create rhythms of recognition, the more it will become a natural part of your workplace.

What are you thankful for at work this year? Share your gratitude list with us on social media.