Having a job opening at your institution can be disruptive. It upends the smooth functioning of a department and ripples out through the organization. Being agile and responsive so you can quickly hire the right fit for your position is key.

In an effort to hasten hiring, many organizations immediately repost the job description on file. Reposting an existing job description without taking time to revise can hamper your efforts to find the right person for this moment at your organization.

Here’s a checklist to ensure your position is focused and will attract the right candidates.

What has changed? How has this position evolved over time? What duties have been added or removed? What skills are now essential? Double check the big picture items, such as any changes in the org chart at your institution, and the small details, such as to whom applications should be directed.

What should change? Now that you have a clear picture of the position as it stands now, think about how you would like this position to grow. A new hire is a strategic time to move forward and implement changes that can strengthen your efficacy and mission.

What might change? Consider any negotiable areas. Are there things listed as job requirements that are preferences? If you had a candidate that was an ideal fit in most areas, where might you be willing to budge? On the other hand, what are potential areas for growth? Indicating where you see this position expanding in the future can attract candidates that will grow with you—and help you get there faster.

If you have a vacancy in a key leadership position, you don’t have to go it alone. Our team at Hyatt-Fennell would love to assist you with the process, guiding you every step of the way. Reach out today to begin the conversation.