This week marks the one-year anniversary of the death of our dear friend Dr. Marylouise Fennell. Weezie was never too busy to help someone else. She invested her time, attention, and energy in developing the strengths of others. She is an inspiration to take time to be of service. A selfless act is something you will never regret—and someone else will never forget. Here are a few memories others shared about her continual care:

“Dr. Marylouise Fennell, who was quick to tell me to call her “Weezie,” was a person of great integrity who would tell you like it is, but always with a smile and a desire to help. One of my favorite memories was when she told me that I blew an interview, but then gave me concrete advice to help me for the next opportunity. She always conveyed care, interest, and genuineness with a smile and her famous twinkle in her eye. It was a blessing to know you, Weezie, and you will be missed!”—Timothy Fulop, Averett University

“Weezie was impressive in so very many ways…what stands out most for me was her sheer practicality—always grounded in Mercy, always turning toward those most in need. She will be greatly missed.” —Moya K. Dittmeier, formerly of Mercy Higher Education

“Sister Marylouise Fennell was an ultimate supporter for all those in higher education both nationally but internationally as well, and a go-to person for any challenge you may face in leading an academic institution.  In addition, and more important to me and my whole family, a dear and loyal friend that would steer you through every personal or academic issue you may have. She was so quick with solutions as well as quick witted that you always left her with a smile on your face and an answer to any of your life’s issues. We mourn her loss and we will deeply miss her!” —George L. Pry, Friend and Colleague, former President of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh