Interviews happen year-round, regardless of the weather. With temperatures falling, it’s the perfect time to make sure your wardrobe is as interview ready as you are.

1.  Invest in a few basics. The rise of the capsule wardrobe in recent years has reminded us that a few well-chosen pieces can go a long way. Take an inventory of your current professional wardrobe to see where you may need to make purchases so that you are prepared for any interview that pops up. Does your wardrobe enable you to keep your cool even in a heatwave? Do you have professional shoes that can withstand rain or snow? Consider outerwear and accessories as well as clothing. You do not want to the primary thing your interviewers remember about you to be that you showed up with a Sponge Bob umbrella.

2. Plan ahead. With every interview, you should plan your route and build in buffer time. This standard interview principle is even more essential with weather complications. If a constant deluge threatens to leave you soaked, it might be worth scheduling an Uber rather than waiting for a bus. Do you need to coordinate with your partner so you get the car with four-wheel drive for the day? Clearly outline your first choice and have a contingency plan waiting in the wings.

3. Don’t distract. Whatever the season, professional clothing should always err on the side of conservative. The colors tend to be more muted and the styles more traditional in the workplace. Some interviewees confuse feeling confident with being showy. Your attire should communicate to your interviewers that you are professional and well-put together. Leave it to your conversation to highlight your personality and memorable traits.