As hiring has gotten more competitive, employers have leaned into fringe benefits to draw employees, including education benefits. Employer-embedded education opportunities have become a major driver of growth for U.S. higher education. How can you cultivate partnerships with employers to take full advantage of this sector? We have three tips.

1. Expand your existing connections. Evaluate where you have inroads with companies. Who have you collaborated with in the past? What companies or organizations utilize your students for internships? Where do you have a strong alumni presence?

2. Align missions. At their best, employee education benefits enable staff to grow their skills and enhance their job performance. Your college can be an asset to many companies, but especially to those who share your mission and values. Approach organizations whose culture and industries align with your values and specialties. 

3. Ask students to share their stories. Employees will have a variety of choices when selecting a college. Enable the employee to picture themselves at your institution by hearing the positive experience of your students. Use your social media channels to share brief, authentic profiles of students.

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