COVID-19 has clarified priorities for many–including students. They have a clearer idea of what they are looking for in their educational experience. Colleges need to align with student needs or risk irrelevancy. In a recent article in eCampus News, Laura Ascione unpacks six global trends and what they mean for higher education. One area she spotlights is the impotence of faculty-student engagement. She writes,

“Faculty-student engagement is critical—whether in person or through technology. Student success today requires availability of technology resources, as well as engaging content and instruction from technology-proficient faculty.

The top four academic factors driving student success cited by both students and administrators are quality of faculty (91%), engaging content/instruction (90%), and available technology and hands-on instruction (both 89%)

71% of all respondents felt the institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) positively impacts student engagement in classes and lectures”

The entire article can be seen here. As we look toward the new year, it’s a decisive time to set meaningful goals for your organization’s growth in 2022.