Hiring can be exhausting. Sifting through stacks of résumés, screening applicants, scheduling interviews, vetting candidates—it takes work to find someone who will work well for you. Adding to the complexity, if you are filling a vacant position, this must all be undertaken while you are short-staffed. Because of the effort involved in finding the right fit for a position, it’s essential that you work smarter, not harder. There are two fundamental steps to discover quality candidates:

1. Create a focused job description. In their haste to start the process, many search committees copy and paste an old job description with minimal changes—if any. While it may be tempting to rinse and repeat, you need to publish an accurate job description to attract the right candidates. Evaluate the job description for two things: what has changed since you hired last and what you would like to change in the next iteration of the position. A new hire is the perfect time to pivot a role and incorporate a different scope of work. Finally, I recommend that a job description include not only a list of duties and requisite experience, but also a description of the values of the organization, dynamics of the team, and traits of a successful candidate.

2. Share through strategic channels. Once you have an accurate and compelling job description, you should put it to use in productive places. Many organizations publicize a position internally, post to their website, then sit back passively to wait. To find quality candidates, you must actively utilize your network. This means asking key stakeholders to share the posting. You should also reach out to leaders in your industry with a pulse on who has the skills you might need and may be ready for a new opportunity.

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