Our team at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is passionate about supporting the mission of higher education, in all its complexity. Our efforts were initially focused on executive searches, enabling colleges to identify, hire, and integrate the leaders that will take their organization to the next level. Through our ongoing relationships with clients, we’ve realized there are additional ways our team can serve our mission. Though executive searches will always be the cornerstone of our work, we are now Hyatt-Fennell Executive Plus, offering a suite of services to better serve clients. Additional services offered include:

Leadership Coaching

The Hyatt-Fennell team has seen institutions through perilous moments and promising ventures, yielding success. Our experience can help you unleash new professional growth. Whether you’re a new leader or an accomplished professional, we will work with you to assess your goals and pair you with a coach who will provide one-on-one development that will empower you to reach your fullest potential, manage complex situations, aid in times of crisis, or bring problem-solving perspective to issues unique to your campus.

Leadership Forums

Complex problems call for innovative ideas. Through our Leadership Forums, we work with you to assemble a panel of proven leaders who will bring their perspective, nuance, and insight to the issue at hand. Whether you are seeking experts with diverse specialties for a public forum or for a strategic brainstorming session, our extensive network stands ready. What opportunities could high-caliber dialogue open on your campus?

As you look ahead to the 2022–2023 academic year, we would love to discuss your priorities, goals, and how we might help. Reach out today to start the conversation