A new year brings new opportunities and fresh energy in hiring prices. As we look ahead to the job market in the coming year, here are our predictions for hiring trends: 

1. Location, location, location
. Employers have been increasingly pulling employees back from the remote and hybrid work arrangements that prevailed during the pandemic. The importance of in-person collaboration will continue to be stressed. 

2.  AI will be a hot-button topic. Artificial intelligence will be expanded for screening and evaluating applicants. It will also be a point of debate between employers and employees, as issues of automation and intellectual property come to the forefront. 

3. Values drive decisions. Principles will anchor and guide decisions organizations make. Sustainability, equity, and inclusion will be key themes across industries. Job seekers will be drawn to institutions that resonate with their values.  

Regardless of the hiring trends, we can ensure that you have the tools you need to navigate a job search. If a career transition is in your future, reach out today to discuss ways Hyatt-Fennell can help you identify goals, network, and position yourself for success in 2024.