Tomorrow is Leap Day. The gift of an extra day in the year should not be wasted! We think this moment in the calendar is the perfect time to take stock of your growth and chart a path forward. Here are our tips to maximize this bonus that comes around once every four years:

1. Reflect. Four years is a significant span of time. Think back where you were last Leap Day. How have you grown in your position, skills, connections, and confidence? What accomplishments surprise you? What challenges hampered your growth or caused you to pivot in a new direction?

2. Imagine. Where would you like to be on the next Leap Day? How would you like your career to look and feel differently? Consider your employer, duties, skills, collaborators, and side projects.

3. Plan. With an idea of where you would like to go, what are concrete steps you can take to get there? Be measured, specific, and strategic with your goals. Consider discussing your action items with a trusted colleague so you can encourage one another in your professional aspirations.

If your Leap Day inventory is sparking ideas for a new position, reach out to our team today to discuss how we can support you through a change.