Social media is an indispensable tool in your job hunt. Effective use of social media can open new avenues of discovery, cultivate meaningful connections, and show appreciation to those who help along the way. Here are three tips to harness social media in your next job search.

1. Learn who to follow. Be strategic in who you follow on social media. Some people will share constructive tips that you can integrate into your job search. Other individuals are job posting hubs and get the word out about key positions. Seek out a dozen new accounts that can enhance your job search.

2. Be a giver, not a taker. You will be avoided if you only approach people when you need help. Be intentional to contribute on social media, just like you do through real-world interactions. Share helpful articles, celebrate others’ accomplishments, and offer your assistance.

3. Share your new opportunity. Once you land a new position, share the good news on social media. Make it a point to recognize those who helped to get you there. If appropriate, be sure to honor the growth you had at your previous position. Be gracious and grateful throughout your post.

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