October is the month where we celebrate the spooky and spine-tingling. The 6-foot tarantulas in the hardware store are not nearly as frightening as some of the interview faux pas we’ve heard about over the years. Here are three hair-raising interview incidents:

1. One job seeker gave cursory answers to his interviewers’ questions before asking, “What are the minimum expectations for this job?” This candidate verbalized the lack of ambition many people harbor—but usually have enough sense to hide. Both through your cover letter and resume and conversation, your interviewers should see that you are an employee who commits and innovates.

2. One interviewee hesitated through her answers and failed to maintain eye contact. At first her interviewers assumed it was nerves. As the interview progressed, the real reason became apparent: the candidate was texting throughout the interview.  The job seeker thought she was being covert by keeping her phone under the table.  Rest assured, this candidate will not BRB for a second interview.

3. One candidate chatted pleasantly with his interviewer for about fifteen minutes, answering her preliminary questions before he blurted out, “So, when will your boss be in?” The job seeker assumed that a woman could not be the department manager with hiring authority. Such narrow thinking not only automatically excluded him from consideration, but prevented him from learning from many skilled colleagues.

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