Many managers believe that twenty percent of employees do eighty percent of the work. How should you respond if you are asked the loaded question “What makes you part of the twenty percent?”

This question reflects your self-perception and how you work in a team. Here are three principles to guide your answer:

1. Acknowledge the contributions of others. It is essential that you guard against a disgruntled answer. While some employees carry more of the weight in a team, no one achieves success in isolation. Begin by celebrating how others in your team enable you to work toward your strengths.

2. Express your ambition. Describe what gives you ownership in your projects, makes you feel invested in your team, and engaged in the mission of your institution. Show your sense of responsibility through a specific example.

3.  Explain your process. Illustrate how you approach projects, adapt to obstacles, and achieve your objectives. Your work ethic and outcomes should be evident as you discuss an instance from your career.