Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking process. Being evaluated makes many of us nervous. It’s also something that most of us don’t get much practice at doing. Job searches are relatively infrequent across the course of your career. If the idea of a job interview makes your palms sweat, we have three tips to help you step through it with poise and presence.

Do your homework. When you are prepared, you will be more confident. First and foremost, do your research on the company. Doing your due diligence extends to the mundane details of an interview. Have your outfit picked out and freshly pressed. Be crystal clear on your directions. Don’t let lack of preparation leave you frazzled.

Understand your competitive advantage. What do you bring to this position that other applicants won’t? How do your experience and your skills set you apart? Being clear on your distinctive qualities and qualifications will clarify your focus and boost your morale.

Reflect on how you could enhance this company’s success. There can be a perceived power differential in an interview: the organization has a job, you want a job. That means they hold all the cards, right? Not necessarily. You have skills that this company needs. You are both bringing value to the interaction. Identify how you could enhance this position for the institution and be prepared to discuss that in your interview.

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