Seismic shifts are underway in the workforce. The pandemic prompted many to ask themselves, “is this what I want for my life?”

There has been significant movement within organizations and many employers are scrambling to find qualified candidates—and they are offering significant incentives. If you’ve contemplated a career move, this might be a key time to take your career forward. As you consider your own career aspirations, we have three questions to ask yourself as you evaluate if this is the right time for you to pursue career advancement.

Does your current position challenge you? If you’ve begun to stagnate, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a change. Whether it’s an expanded role at your current organization or a move to a new institution, think about how you would like to exercise your skills in fresh ways.

Can you engage your values? Cultural fit is fundamental to long-term career satisfaction. Does the mission of your current institution fit your principles and values? Do the practices and tone of your organization on a daily basis fit with your approach?

Is your organization invested in your success? You are serving the outcomes of your institution, but do they look out for your welfare? Healthy work environments support members of the team. If you continually feel used, it will negatively affect your work performance and quality of life.

If you’re considering your next steps, Hyatt-Fennell can help. Contact us today to talk through the opportunities for career advancement.