Our team has assisted with executive searches for decades. We can let you in on a secret: there is no perfect job. A position that looks perfect on paper can, in practice, be beset with an unreasonable boss or a dysfunctional organizational culture. Truly savvy professionals know how to identify their priorities in the workplace and evaluate if a position is a good match. In a piece for Slate, Alison Green expounds, “you just can’t tell from the outside whether something is a dream job—or whether it’ll end up being a nightmare job, or a just-OK job. The things that make people think “dream job,” such as the type of work or the prestige of the company, can quickly be trumped by a horrible boss, toxic culture, crushing workload, or any of the other factors that will turn a job you were excited about into one that you dread coming to every day.” Read Green’s piece, replete with workplace horror stories, here.