Leaders bear the responsibility to guide and direct an organization, but they should never approach this task alone. A leader in higher education is always integrating the wisdom of students, staff, and stakeholders. There are also external resources that are powerful tools you can utilize for the health of an institution. One of the services Hyatt-Fennell offers is facilitating leadership forums. We’ve seen first-hand the additional capacity that a leadership forum can unlock. Here are three ways a focused brainstorming session can serve you and your organization:

  1. Identify ideas. Having others as a sounding board can validate your own intuition, while recognizing emerging options and coalescing solutions.
  2. Anticipate pitfalls. Proven leaders leverage years of experience. They not only know what works well, they’ve seen what doesn’t and can save you from making costly mistakes.
  3. Refine strategies. Leadership forums are not just for abstract ideation, but energize you to decisive implementation. Seasoned leaders will suggest effective methods to achieve your goal.

In the wake of COVID, unique challenges require diverse perspectives and resourceful solutions. Start a conversation today to learn more about how leadership forums can take your institution to the next level.