Near the end of a job interview, a candidate may hear “do you have any questions for us” and breathe a sigh of relief. They made it through the interview! Their job is over. Not so fast! This final question is a valuable opportunity to solidify a strong impression.

This is, of course, a chance for you to ask logistical questions you have. If you need to inquire about next steps, scope of the role, or remote work options, by all means ask! However, this question is also an invitation to show that you are engaged with this institution, not just indiscriminately trying to find any job. Include at least two questions that allow you to get to know the organization and signal your interest in this role with this institution.

Here is a selection to get you started:

  • “What is the most important aspect of your institutional culture?” 
  • “Where do you see opportunity for this position to push your mission forward?”
  • “What is your favorite part of working here?”
  • “What does team collaboration look like here?”
  • “How have you grown in your skills and outlook through your role with this organization?