Every February Valentine’s Day comes around to remind us that heart matters. This is true in our personal relationships and our professional life. Work can devolve into a daily grind that robs us of our success. The passion that used to drive our work is depleted by relentless deadlines or difficult coworkers. We have three ways to show your career some love:

1. Share your thoughts. Writing can remind you why you fell in love with your work in the first place. Articulating your professional approach can reenergize you. If writing an article or blog post intimidates you, consider brief weekly posts on LinkedIn that showcase a cause you care about or explain some aspect of your work you enjoy. 

2. Gain new training. Stagnation saps passion. From virtual conferences to online courses, professional development is more accessible than ever. Start with a small commitment and build on what sparks your interest.

3. Foster community. Collaboration brings energy and emotion to your work. Consider renewing your established professional relationships and cultivating some new ones. From networking with peers at conferences to tapping into wisdom through leadership coaching to giving back by serving on a board of trustees, a variety of professional relationships can enrich your work. 

The Great Resignation was driven in large part by people evaluating their current life and rearranging their career to align with better quality of life. From a wholesale industry change to simple, strategic adjustments in your current position, there are tangible ways you can rekindle your love for your work today. How have you broken through a dry season professionally? Share your thoughts with us on social media.