Who should be allowed to speak on college campuses? Free speech in higher education is once again a hot-button topic. Polarizing speakers are causing outrage and uproar. Throughout our decades in higher education the controversial topics have changed, but the importance of college campuses as an open forum for ideas has remained constant. We believe that careful argumentation, clear articulation, and gracious disagreement are essential parts of a liberal arts education. Students need mature adults to model civil dialogue, clear communication, and respectful disagreement.

That is why one of the services we offer is leadership forums. Through our leadership forums, we work with you to assemble a panel of proven leaders who will bring their perspective, nuance, and insight to the issue at hand. Whether you are seeking experts with diverse specialties for a public forum or for a strategic brainstorming session, we have an extensive network standing ready. Our leaders not only have academic expertise, but bring sensitivity and wisdom to delicate issues.

If you want help addressing a topic or responding to a challenging issue on your campus, reach out today to discuss constructive options.