You’re an ambitious professional who is going places—until you stall out. The crush of current work can crowd out a broader perspective of all you hope to achieve. How can you engage your current role in a way that makes the most of now, while laying a foundation for future opportunities? Here are three ways to ensure your readiness is recognized: 

1. Understand your personal goals. Having a clear sense of your near- and long-term goals will focus your efforts. What skills, experience, and connections do you need to hone so that you can continue to grow? Lean in to aspects of your current position that are relevant to your future ambition.

2. Understand your team’s objectives. You succeed when your team and institution succeed. If you are looking out for yourself at the expense of those around you, you will not engender goodwill. Quality leaders seek the success of others and drive missions beyond themselves. 

3. Engage feedback. Be clear with your supervisors that you want to grow in your career. Invite their input on your areas for growth. When you are open about your aspirations and receptive to their guidance, you make them a partner in your success. Your initiative and investment will be recognized and rewarded.