The most important part of your résumé is the verbs. Artful use of verbs transforms abstract claims into compelling action. We have three ways strong language can enhance your résumé.

1. Engage your readers. Hiring managers sift through an endless parade of résumés. Intentional writing allows your personality and communication skills to shine. Integrating clear language allows the reader to get a sense of your style and expertise. 

2.  Demonstrate outcomes. You should use substantive statistics to illustrate the value you bring to an organization. Pairing vivid language with information keeps data from becoming dry. 

3. Understand AI. Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence screening tools to triage applications. These tools notice grammar, check for key words, and more. While you should employ variety in your vocabulary, you should also integrate keywords relevant to your industry

One caution: while you want to utilize strong verbs and expressive adjectives, you do not want your résumé to sound like you fell into a thesaurus. Your résumé should reflect your voice. If you appear to be trying too hard or prone to grandstanding, it will work against you.