In our last post we discussed the value of making space to reflect on your professional year. One practical way you can put your insights to work is through enhancing your bio, résumé, and LinkedIn profile. Your professional profiles can quickly become outdated—especially during a productive time in your career. This doesn’t need to be a mammoth undertaking. Here are three areas to polish for a 2023 refresh: 

1. Fundamentals. The majority of LinkedIn profiles have outdated information. From former companies and outdated positions to ancient photos, you don’t want your LinkedIn profile to look like a Throwback Thursday. Read your LinkedIn profile, bio, and résumé from beginning to end to make sure everything is current.

2. Milestones. What projects did you bring to fruition? Did you receive any additional training? Were you honored with any awards? Did you join any associations? Add any new accomplishments, even as you remove any data that is no longer relevant. 

3. Values. How did your retrospective illuminate the values that ground and drive your work? Your bio should not just list what you do; it should reflect who you are. Make sure that your description clarifies your passion and approach. You could also consider following individuals on LinkedIn who will inspire you in the year to come. 

With just an hour or two you can have an accurate and engaging résumé, bio, and LinkedIn profile. Who knows what opportunities that will bring your way in the year ahead.