When applying for a position in another part of the country, the idea of relocation is hypothetical and abstract. As interviews progress, you must give candid consideration to whether or not a geographic move is strategic for your career right now. We have three questions you can ask yourself as you mull over a possible move. 

1. What am I energized to start? Starting a new position in a new region requires a significant outlay of mental and emotional energy. Is your life in a stage that is conducive to a beginning? This is not primarily about age, but about the level of creative bandwidth and energy reserves you have at this moment. Careers go through seasons. Is this a season of attending to current commitments or embarking on new endeavors?

2. What does my family need? It is essential that your partner be on the same page regarding a relocation. Your career may be ripe for a new beginning, but what about your family? Don’t consider only your immediate family. While your spouse’s career and your children’s schooling are primary factors, think also of parents and extended family. Might your parents require increased care in the near future? How might a relocation change your quality of life if you are removed from a well developed support system.  

3. What are the tertiary costs and benefits? Allow your decision making to encompass not only the obvious pros and cons, but a holistic picture. How does this potential move align with your overarching career goals? What potential collaborations might it foster or preclude? Enlist the perspective of a few trusted confidants. Often seasoned advisors can help you see additional implications of a move—positive and negative. 

If you are considering the career pivot that might support your long-term aspirations, our team is happy to discuss possibilities. Reach out today to start a conversation.