Procrastination is a widespread problem. Most people put unpleasant things off from time to time. For others, it’s a daily struggle, spiking stress and sending confidence plummeting. As deeply rooted as procrastination can be, there are tangible ways you can begin to prune this habit.

In an article in Forbes, Grace Aldridge Foster breaks down manageable strategies to overcome procrastination. First, you should work backward from your deadline and make a clear roadmap/ She then discusses the key to overcoming procrastination: evaluate and adjust your plan. She points out,

“You’ve also got to build in time for the unexpected. While the key to finishing a complex project on a deadline is being scientific about it, you need to remember that not everything will go as planned. Sometimes distractions come up that you didn’t account for, or you’ll discover a new idea that alters the trajectory of your project—and therefore your project plan.”

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