Summer allows space to reflect on the year you’ve completed and prepare for the academic year ahead. Lean into the rhythm of reflection by updating your résumé. When you make a regular habit of keeping your résumé current, you are able to utilize it to take advantage of opportunities as they prevent themselves, from speaking engagements to new job listings. Here are three steps to inventory your CV and make sure it’s working for you.

1. Ensure accuracy. An excellent résumé accomplishes nothing if the hiring manager tries to email you and the contact information is wrong. Carefully read over your entire résumé, paying attention to addresses, phone numbers, dates, and spelling. 

2. Trim the fat. Most résumés are longer than they need to be. Some have found that employers spend 6–7 seconds looking at each résumé. By having a cohesive, focused document you shape what your résumé communicates about you. Ask yourself what each inclusion adds to the overall narrative. 

3. Integrate updates. What new additions will enhance your résumé? Are there recent accomplishments, certifications, or projects that will strengthen your existing inventory? Remember, less is more. Each new item should amplify and illustrate your existing message. 

With an up-to-date résumé, you will be ready for each new opportunity that the next academic year holds. When have you needed a résumé on short notice?
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