The pace and scope of life changes in the summer. Vacations and extended daylight hours shake us out of winter doldrums and stale routines. That makes summer the perfect time to take some time to update your LinkedIn profile and résumé. Doing regular, periodic updates keeps your content current—and keeps the task from being overwhelming. Grab something cool to drink and spend some time breathing fresh life into your profile and résumé. Here are four principles to keep in mind:

Visuals matter. The internet is a visual medium. Just as you would never show up to an interview with uncombed hair and a wrinkled suit, so you should not have a grainy photo from a wedding with your date cropped out on your LinkedIn. Invest in a professional headshot and utilize this across your LinkedIn and website.

Prioritize information. Your LinkedIn profile and résumé will contain a lot of content. One of your jobs is to help the reader navigate that information and identify what’s important. One key way you can do so is through a targeted résumé summary statement and “about statement” on LinkedIn. Like an effective elevator pitch, this focused statement introduces the reader to you—and helps them see why they should take notice.

Chart your trajectory. One of the essential tasks of regular updates is to attend to the things that have changed: update contact information, position details, and add any new accomplishments. Don’t become myopic as you do so, but make these changes in a way that shows the arc and progress of your career.

Consider the competition. Wise people learn from those around them. Spend a little time browsing other LinkedIn profiles. What makes them stand out? How are they effectively using the format? Stay abreast of trends and innovations.