Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search has been assisting with leadership searches for decades. We encourage colleges to evaluate their preconceptions and explore avenues they might not have considered for their leaders. We’ve seen first hand how hiring a leader from outside the education sphere can add untold benefit to your academic bench strength. Here are three reasons why leaders from the private sector unlock growth.

1.Data-driven success. Business leaders know the importance of making strategic decisions using measurable metrics. Accomplished professionals are attuned to indicators that can tell a story—and be harnessed to drive progress.

2. Fresh perspective. Outside hires can deliver new perspectives that drive growth. “We’ve always done it this way,” isn’t always good enough. External leaders bring new eyes to old problems. This can help them identify problems and recommend solutions. They can also be a catalyst for change, as they inspire inventive thinking in existing employees.

3. Expanded collaboration. Those coming from other industries will have a developed network in their field. These connections can spark additional opportunities to work together. From internship placements to community projects, you can expand your impact through new partners.