Being data-driven is part of the modern workplace, enabling us to make smart, informed decisions. But what about our own careers? You can harness the power of data to propel growth in your career. Through the use of metrics, you can quantify your own value and target advancement. Here are three questions to ask yourself to harvest data you can use:

1. What are the key functions of my job? Before you can put information to use for professional growth, you have to identify it. Your goal is to have compelling data that tells a story. Aim for quality over quantity. Consider your core responsibilities and the deliverables that flow from them.

2. How have I elevated my projects? Now that you’ve pinpointed where to draw your data from, start with a narrow focus. What are the individual initiatives that you’ve completed? How have they demonstrated value and evidenced growth?

3. How have I enhanced the mission of my organization? Next, expand your perspective to a macro-level. How have your actions on your team furthered the mission and values of your institution? Connect the dots between your individual actions and the overall arc of the organization. 

Understanding this data will help you demonstrate your value—and negotiate a raise—in your next performance review. It is also dynamic data to incorporate into your résumé. By regularly integrating these data points, you will be prepared to show your professional performance through metrics that speak for themselves.