Once you have received a job offer, you may feel like your work is done. This understandable sense of relief might cause you to fumble a critical part of starting a new job: accepting the offer. The editors at Zip Recruiter outline three principles for accepting a job offer well. One of their best pieces of advice: shift immediately to “we.” They point out:

As soon as you accept the job, you become a member of the team. But there is a good chance your teammates will still see you as the “new” person. It will take some time for everyone to get comfortable, but a shift in the way you speak about them, and yourself, can help speed up that transition. From the moment you join, when you speak about your new company and the work you’ll do together, use words like “we” (“We are going to crush our goals this quarter”), “our” (“Our presentation is going to blow everyone away”), and “us” (“You can count on us to deliver this on time”), to make it clear you’re in this together.

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