Driven professionals utilize a wide range of approaches to engage career growth. But, the majority are missing one of the most potent tools. Cheryl Hyatt was recently published in eCampus News discussing one of the most underutilized resources for professional development: leadership coaching. Hyatt shares the one of the key values a leadership coach brings is outside perspective

“The nature of blind-spots is that we don’t realize what we don’t know. Even our trusted inner circle is often too close to the scene to have a proper perspective. A leadership coach is able to be impartial about situations, while having a vested interest in your success. This is the best of all worlds. The external vantage point of a leadership coach offers another benefit as well. You need confidants outside your organization. It will not profit your staff if you vent about the unreasonableness shown by the chairman of the board. You need safe, neutral parties with whom you can decompress and process.”

Read the rest of her insights here. If you are considering how leadership coaching could energize your career, reach out today to learn more.