Santa is not the only one making his list and checking it twice. The holidays are a pivotal time for employers to demonstrate how much they value their staff. You may assume that since your organization has a bonus structure in place, that you don’t need to give it another thought. However, a line-item on a paycheck and a holiday ham will fall flat if it is not paired with a sense of gratitude and goodwill. Here are three gifts that will extend your appreciation to your employees:

1. Availability. Make yourself accessible to your staff so they can bring their ideas, concerns and victories to you. Keep—and communicate—a regular schedule of office hours where your door is open.

2. Personal appreciation. Write a note to each staff member expressing the strengths you see and appreciate in them. Celebrate their accomplishments and reiterate that you are available to support them in their career growth. Be sincere and specific.

3. Public recognition. Don’t just tell your employee you value them—tell others. In meetings, call out those who have innovated strategies or gone out of their way to support the team. Set the tone for a positive, affirming workplace culture.

What’s the most meaningful holiday gift you ever received from an employer? Share in the comments below.