While some fads change faster than the auto-scroll on TikTok, there are essential practices that anchor our interactions with consideration and orderliness. Etiquette may strike some as an antiquated notion, but here are three perennial practices that will benefit your career:

1. A solid handshake. Following the pandemic, there was rampant speculation that COVID might kill the handshake forever. The handshake is back and as essential as ever. Your handshake should be firm, decisive, and brief. Avoid a handshake that is too weak on one hand or bone-crushingly uncomfortable on the other.

2. A thank you note. Relationships are the foundation of a successful career. A warm, professional thank you note demonstrates your people and communication skills. Email is acceptable, but take care that your message doesn’t sound formulaic or stiff.

3. Email consideration. A potential employer begins forming their impression of you long before your interview. Respond thoughtfully and promptly to all emails and calls you receive. One ill-considered “Reply All” can sink your chances before you ever set foot in an interview.