Dr. Francesco Cesareo, who served as president of Assumption University for 15 years, offers his advice to aspiring leaders on ways they can build their foundation for career growth:

“The advice that I would give to an aspiring leader is to look for opportunities that will allow for experience into the complexities of an institution of higher education, participating in programs designed to prepare future leaders in higher education offered by CIC, ACE, and other similar organizations.

I would also recommend finding a mentor who is in a position of leadership within higher education, either at the individual’s institution or at a different institution. 

Finally, it would be helpful to join key committees, whether standing or ad hoc, that are outside to the individual’s own division or department so that they become engaged with institutional questions and issues, providing them with a broad outlook and understanding of what leaders must confront.  Informing the president of one’s leadership aspirations will help to be appointed to key committees or become involved in broader institutional matters.”