In our work assisting with executive searches, Hyatt-Fennell team members interface with individuals and organizations in pivotal times in their lives. Throughout our search process, we are often able to detect and discuss areas where change is needed in an organization’s culture, opportunities, or vision of the future. The prospect of change can be energizing or daunting—and sometimes both! We have three principles to successfully engage change.

1. Be true to your values. An institution’s culture and values are the compass that guides everything they do. As you adjust some aspect of your structure or initiatives, keep your values constantly in the forefront. Reflect on them individually and discuss them corporately. How do your new undertakings express your principles?

2.Remember your goals. Anytime there is productive change, there will be growing pains. Situate the current situation in the overall trajectory. Your institutional communication should remind people of the overarching aim and connect the current steps to achieving larger outcomes. 

3.Lean into your network. Change is stressful. The robust relationships within your organization can help your organization to process the change and absorb the stress. Host gatherings that facilitate interactions and strengthen the relational ties of your institution. Not only can this increase morale, it will bolster working relationships.

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