The way you dress for an interview sets a tone for the interaction to follow. Choose an ill-fitting outfit and you’ll be uncomfortable and fidgeting throughout an interview, leaving you distracted and disqualified. Here are three essentials to invest in to ensure you have the wardrobe you need for interview success:

1. A tailored suit. Clothing off the rack is designed to be an average fit on many people. Stand out from the crowd with a suit that is altered to fit you perfectly. When your clothes are tailored to you, you’ll feel confident and poised.

2. Accessories with personality. Conservative is the name of the game with interview attire. A traditional suit conveys professionalism. You can still add a spark of your own flavor through a stylish tie, scarf, or jewelry. 

3. A warm expression. The cliché your mother used to recite about a smile being the best accessory is true. You can be the best dressed candidate, but if you are reserved or aloof, you will not get the job.

Effective candidates approach an interview with a holistic perspective, considering not only their answers to questions, but the tone of their interaction and the way they present themselves. Savvy attention to your attire can give you a competitive advantage in your next interview.