“People don’t quit a job, they quit a boss,” the adage goes. Research backs this up. The biggest indicator of the success of a team is their leader. Employees will stay the course of a difficult project under the direction of a quality leader. Conversely, even routine operations become dysfunctional drudgery under a poor manager. Three traits typify a nightmare boss:

1. Micromanagement. Bad bosses don’t delegate, they hover and butt in. A control-freak boss will tell an employee what to do, exactly how to do it—and then that they’re doing it wrong. Micromanagement conveys that you do not trust the skills or judgment of your employees. Good leaders coach rather than control.

2. Unclear expectations. The flip side of leaders who prescribe every minute parameter of a project is those who are vague in their instructions. Employees are left filling in details—and then being chastised for getting it wrong. Good leaders provide clear and consistent communication that enables everyone to be on the same page and grow in their skills.

3. Narcissism. Horrible leaders care only about themselves. They prioritize their interests over the good of the organization. They waste employees’ time because they just want to hear themselves talk. Good leaders care about—and invest in—their employees individually and their institution as a whole.

You are probably not a nightmare boss, but leadership coaching can help you identify the unhelpful traits that are holding your career back and hurting your team. Reach out today to learn more about how our team can provide the mentoring and insight you need.